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Amanda and Bret Brummitt interview guests sharing how they are improving their community and making the world a better place. From non-profits to individuals simply doing good, the stories are heart warming and inspiring. Jump in anywhere as each episode is stand-alone.

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4 days ago

We are joined today by Jodi Schrobilgen, Executive Director of Hope Clinic.  A big thank you goes out to our friend Alliance Samaragwa for introducing us to Jodi and Hope Clinic. 
In this episode, you’ll hear how Hope Clinic provides free, compassionate, and quality healthcare to underserved and uninsured people in Austin including resettled refugees.  They remove barriers to accessing crucial medical resources to Austinites in need regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religious affiliation. 
Learn more about them at

Thursday May 23, 2024

Today, we are joined by Kam Galeazzi Neth of Little Heroes. In this episode, you’ll hear how Kam has filled a need by focusing on photography for families in the midst of a terminal illness. Knowing that a professional photo session is never on the forefront of anyone’s mind when they hear that themselves or a loved one has a few months or a year left to live, Kam and her team step in to provide a gift and an experience that the family will get to enjoy after their family gets a little smaller.  
Find them at

Wednesday May 22, 2024

We are joined today by Michelle DeGrate, Executive Director of Lightpath Health.  A big thanks to Tawnia Wise for the introduction!  When Tawnia says a nonprofit is doing good stuff, you know it’s true! 
In this episode, you’ll hear how Lightpath Health is dedicated to developing and investing in programs that expand access to primary care for their neighbors without health insurance in the communities that need it most.​
Keeping the needs of their neighbors as the number one priority paired with a braintrust like Catalyst Health make this small non-profit incredibly powerful. 
Find them at

Tuesday May 21, 2024

We are joined today by Dr. Amy Grosso with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).  In this episode, you’ll hear how AFSP is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide, including those who have experienced a loss.  This includes funding scientific research, educating the public about mental health and suicide prevention, advocating for public policies in mental health and suicide prevention, and supporting survivors of suicide loss and those affected by suicide. 
Learn more at

Wednesday May 08, 2024

In the latest episode of Generous Impact, our hosts, Bret and Amanda Brummitt, welcome Dr. Amy Goddard, a seasoned physical therapist and devoted board member of Transform DRC. Spanning from Webb City, Missouri to Texas and making significant strides in healthcare, Dr. Goddard shares her inspiring journey, engaging endeavors, and how her life experiences have fueled her passion to transform lives beyond the physical therapy landscape.
Amy details her first mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya, and her subsequent volunteer work in several African countries such as the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, and South Sudan. It was during these travels that she met two extraordinary individuals, Marie Jeanne and Theo, whose selfless contributions to their community left an everlasting impact on Amy and her 60-year old mother who accompanied her on one of these life-altering trips.
The episode also delves into the troubling history and present-day challenges of the Democratic Republic of Congo, covering chapters from being colonized by King Leopold II of Belgium to the ongoing modern-day slavery and exploitation related to cobalt mining. Throughout the profound conversation, listeners gain an enlightening perspective on Transform DRC's mission and the inspirational stories of resilience and transformation.
Providing a compassionate narrative attached to Transform DRC's formation and progress, the episode highlights the pivotal contributions of their many programs. The episode ends on a hopeful note, emphasizing the immense value of empathetic involvement, individual efforts, and every act of goodwill. It underscores the necessity to continue shedding light on the under-reported humanitarian crisis in the DRC, as we collectively strive for significant, lasting change.
Learn more at

Monday Apr 15, 2024

In the Generous Impact podcast, hosts Bret and Amanda Brummitt, explore the vital work of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) North Texas, with its Executive Director, Dr. Athena Trentin. This illuminating conversation delves into the organization's efforts to combat mental health stigma, the barriers to treatment, and their work in cultivating a culture of help and hope.
Dr. Trentin shares her inspirational journey, from small-town Northern Michigan to being a voice in mental health advocacy in North Texas. She opens up about her personal experiences, shedding light on the transformative power of mental health care. This moving narrative tells the story of NAMI's mission to turn tales of trauma into narratives of empowerment.
The podcast emphasizes the importance of mental health education and community, discussing how organizations like NAMI empower individuals to seek help and offer support. It highlights the power of family conversations, the challenges related to laws about adult patients, and the role of diverse treatment strategies in mental health care.
NAMI's role as a provider of rich resources for recognizing the impact of mental health issues on families is discussed, with a focus on their various offerings such as classes, support groups, and programs. The show underlines the need for culturally sensitive mental health resources as a means to empower individuals and families navigating mental health challenges.
Charting the unique experiences of diverse racial, faith-based, ability-based communities and particularly the Indigenous community, the episode emphasizes the need for bespoke services. It also explores the contributions and drive for inclusivity that form the core of NAMI's approach. The discussions shed light on key factors shaping mental health service delivery, from trauma and advocacy to cultural significance.
With a strong note of sincerity, this episode concludes by highlighting the development of community programs designed to support first responders and emphasizes the importance of self-care and community service. It amplifies the call for volunteers, donations and more engagement with NAMI to keep providing free services and inspire more individuals in their journey towards mental health.Learn more at 

Monday Apr 08, 2024

Welcome to a special edition of Generous Impact. Hosts Bret and Amanda Brummitt discuss an upcoming event on April 25th for Water is Basic in Dallas and the ongoing efforts to provide clean water in South Sudan and Democratic Republic of the Congo.
This episode features guest Mike Guaglione, an advertising and communications specialist and member of the board of Water is Basic. Mike shares enlightening stories from South Sudan, illustrating the transition of the organization's work from solely drilling wells to facilitating sustainable well repair.
This initiative empowers local communities, especially women, with the knowledge and resources needed to maintain their water sources, paving the way for self-sufficiency. Examples of resilience and resourcefulness are presented throughout the episode, such as the story of Simon, the Country Director in South Sudan.
We also discuss insightful experiences with Founding Board Member, Dr. Amy Goddard, who shares evocative stories of women facing tough struggles amidst the ongoing conflict in South Sudan and how Water is Basic serves as an urgent lifeline. Each story underscores the positive impact of grassroots empowerment.
Mike and Amy highlight the potential for transformative change and assert the importance of fundraising events 'Thirst No More' on April 25th in Dallas, a unique opportunity to support clean water and women. Be a part of creating a community of generous supporters who share a vision of universal access to clean water, particularly in South Sudan and Democratic Republic of the Congo.
And, if you missed our full episode on Water is Basic, check it out here.

Thursday Apr 04, 2024

We are joined today by Gilbert Tuhabonye, Founder and Downtown Coach for Gilbert’s Gazelles.
In this episode, you’ll hear how Gilbert has created a community of runners that train together, encourage each other, support each other and challenge one another. They don’t just run with joy together, they are a community.  And, Gilbert is the glue that holds them together. 

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

We are joined today by Lisa Marshall, Founder and CEO of Fighting Homelessness.  In this episode, you’ll hear how they are dedicated to identifying and addressing the root causes of homelessness.  To learn more about how you can help, go to

Monday Apr 01, 2024

We are joined today by Angela Enright, Chairman of the Board for Light Up To Live.  In this episode, you’ll hear how they are tackling veteran health issues with polychromatic light therapy systems to treat chronic pain, service dogs, and physician assisted psychedelic drug therapy for severe PTS cases.  Learn more about the organization at

Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

We are joined today by Hanna Cofer, Interim CEO of The Trail Conservancy in Austin.  In this episode, you’ll hear about their work on the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake is 10 miles long and has 250+ acres of green space bordering downtown Austin.
It’s a regular part of our daily enjoyment and how we travel to places throughout central Austin by foot or bike. We recommend you check it out the next time you are in Austin. Find them at

Monday Feb 26, 2024

We are joined today by Dr. Kim Ross with Ross Nutrition Team. In this episode, we are combining two incredible topics – personalized nutrition and mental health. 
Today, we’ll focus on Dr. Ross’ research on psychobiotics and amino acid therapy for mood disorders and how it is truly improving healthcare.   It’s logical that what we feed our bodies affects our mental health.  But being about to fix it on a basic level blew our minds when we first learned about it.
If you’d like to learn more on the topic, definitely check out Dr. Ross’ research and you can find her at

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

We are joined today by Jeff Middleton, Co-Founder of Boise Vertical Farms.  In this episode, you’ll learn a little bit about farming and a lot about offering people in recovery a hand up. Boise Vertical Farms creates a safe community that provides hope and employment resources for individuals in substance abuse recovery through growing local produce. If you don’t personally know someone impacted by substance misuse, it’s hard to understand how difficult it is to obtain and keep employment during and after recovery. The system truly is stacked against them.  I hope that today's show gives you a glimpse into the good work they are doing and how it benefits all of society.
Find them at

Tuesday Jan 23, 2024

We are joined today by Eric Paulus, Operations Director and Land Manager for Ecology Action in Austin, Texas.  In this episode, you’ll hear how they took a former landfill and turned it into an amazing nature preserve. Bret and I have hiked it and it’s gorgeous, not to mention the good they are doing for animals and plants.
To learn more about the Circle Acres Nature Preserve, check out

Thursday Jan 11, 2024

We are joined today by Jaime Cabrera, Vice President of Advancement for Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas. In this episode, you’ll hear how Girls Inc. delivers life-changing programs and experiences that equip girls to overcome serious barriers to grow up strong, smart, and bold.
If you want to learn more, check them out at

Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

We are joined today by Phil Baker, PharmD. Phil is the Founder of Good Shepherd Pharmacy, RemediChain, and Halo Scripts.  In this episode, you’ll learn about his two incredible nonprofit pharmacy organizations that help patients in need access medications.
While Phil is humble about his accomplishments, we aren't!  He worked with lawmakers to drastically change laws so he could reclaim expensive cancer drugs that patients no longer needed to give them to patients in need at no cost. And, last year they reclaimed $18 million worth of drugs and redispensed them to almost 500 patients.  And, the inventory and logistics system they’ve created to synchronize their fills is incredibly keeping costs low for patients.
If you want to learn more about Phil Baker and the good work his team is doing, find them at and

Tuesday Jan 09, 2024

We are joined today by our friend, Steve Roese of Water is Basic and a special co-host, our youngest daughter, Mattison. She joined us on a trip to South Sudan last year where she got to see the impact firsthand.
In this episode, you’ll hear how they are bringing clean water to the people of South Sudan and Democratic Republic of the Congo while changing the lives of women for generations to come.
If you want to learn more, find them at 

Friday Dec 15, 2023

We are joined today by Britt Udesen, Executive Director of City of Good. In this episode, you’ll hear how they are helping food insecure neighbors across Boise enjoy nutritious and culturally appropriate food while also supporting local farmers and restaurants.
To learn more about this great non-profit, you can find them at

Wednesday Dec 13, 2023

We are joined today by Jami Dybik, Vice President and Rodbel Rodriguez, Director of Community Engagement both from Sagebrush Health.  In this episode, you’ll hear how they are preventing and treating sexually transmitted infectious diseases at no cost to patients. They are in the community breaking barriers, spreading awareness, and preventing infections through testing! And, they offer extensive treatment at no cost to patients. 
We think you’ll be inspired at their aim to eliminate new infections.  Find them at

Wednesday Dec 13, 2023

We are joined today by our friend Diana Pfaff talking about the Irving Schools Foundation. It’s near and dear to our hearts as Bret and I both served on their board for many years.
In this episode, you’ll hear about the amazing work this foundation does for the students and teachers in Irving ISD. It really is an incredible organization serving a very worthy population. Find them at


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Amanda and Bret Brummitt host a show where they share stories of humans making their communities better.  

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